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Terms and Conditions of Service

Hello and welcome to Teverse! We aim to create a friendly environment for all users and in order to do so, there are a few things you need to know about Teverse and the service we provide. Below you will find our Terms and Conditions which apply to all users who use our website and software. By using our systems, you are agreeing that you are 13 years of age or older.

1. Acceptance

By signing up to Teverse and creating an account you are accepting all of our Terms of Service; by doing so, you are entering into a binding contract between yourself and Teverse. Furthermore you also agree to any new rules or guidelines announced by any Administrators of Teverse. We have the right to modify or update our Terms and Conditions as we see fit without any prior notice given.

2. Description of Website and Service

        Teverse provides a service to its users where the user may either do one of the following.

  1. By developing on Teverse, you create virtual worlds or "games" using the Teverse Workshop. Any users of our platform can access development tools for free. Depending on the games settings, any registered user with Teverse may play this game.
  2. By being a player on Teverse, you play virtual words or "games" using the Teverse Client. These virtual worlds are created by other registered users on Teverse using the Teverse Workshop.
3. Submission of user generated content

        Users of the Teverse Workshop that submit any User Generated content is the legal owner of the content, however by uploading to Teverse, you grant Teverse a full license to use, modify, and distribute the content uploaded. This license is irrevocable.

4. Standards of communication between players

          Teverse should be a friendly community and a community which you enjoy being in, in order to keep the community under control, we do have rules which you are required to follow when on any part of Teverse. Failing to follow the rules may result in your account being terminated.

You must show respect to all users within the community at all times. We do not tolerate any abuse to any player, abusive content, or abusive language at any time, in order to make sure Teverse is a friendly and a enjoyable place to be.

Whilst the content may not contain any abusive language, any comments that are seen as sexist, racist, asking for personal details or any form of harassment will not be tolerated on our platform and will result in termination. Similarly, making threats to any person or establishment will not be tolerated. Threats are defined as, but not limited to: terrorism, physical/emotional harm, or digital attacks. Making threats will result in termination, and may result in the notification of authorities. Teverse is not responsible for any actions that occur outside of Teverse, we can only moderate what has been said/done within Teverse, therefore we are unable to assist with any issues which occur outside of the Teverse domain.

5. Membership rights

        By becoming a free or paid member, you are allowed to create games with Teverse Workshop and play games with the Teverse Client. By becoming a member, you are not allowed to access some special webpages. By purchasing Premium, your access of the website increases. However, only Teverse Staff has full access to the website. By becoming a member, you have the rights to any of the User Generated Content you have created (see Section 9 for more). Because of this, you can email Teverse copyright claims. See Section 12 for how to email a copyright claim.

6. Inappropriate use

        Using Teverse inappropriately will result in a consequence, usually decided by the administrator issuing this consequence. Using Teverse inappropriately may include, but not limited to, using the service illegally. Following this, an account termination for a set amount of time. For more information about Terminations, see Section 8.

7. Refund policy

        Teverse operates a strict “no refund” policy. This means that any purchase you may make within the site, such has Premium or any site-only currency, are considered “as-is”, and may not be refunded for any reason after the purchase is completed. Goods are digital and delivered within minutes of purchase via our website.

8. Termination

        Teverse reserves the right to terminate any account at ANY time with or without warning. All terminations can be appealed by emailing an appeal to with the subject heading:  “TERMINATION APPEAL FOR ACCOUNT: [ACCOUNT NAME]”. Appealing a termination DOES NOT guarantee that the account will be restored. In addition to termination,  Teverse may enforce other moderations techniques on accounts that are found to be violating the rules of Teverse.

Teverse may delete any asset uploaded if it contains NSFW (not safe for work) content, violates copyright laws, or breaks any other rule contained in the Terms of Service. This list of reasons for content to be deleted is not exclusive. Any content uploaded to Teverse may be deleted at ANY time, for ANY reason, with or without warning. If you feel that something was deleted without proper cause, it may be re-uploaded, however, it may be deleted again. Constant re-uploading of deleted content may result in a temporary ban from the Teverse website.

Teverse may warn users for breaking the Terms of Service. Should this occur, the user’s account will be logged out, and a warning will appear the next time the user log in to their account. In order to regain access to your account, the user must affirm that they understand the Terms and Conditions. If the user believes this warning to be inaccurate, they may submit an appeal to with the subject heading: “WARNING APPEAL FOR ACCOUNT: [ACCOUNT NAME]”. Appealing a warning does not guarantee that the warning will be removed from the account’s moderation history.

Teverse may temporarily ban users that violate the Terms of Service. Teverse bans may last 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, 1 week, or 2 weeks. When a Teverse termination is issued to a user’s account, the account is immediately restricted from the whole site. Teverse may or may not use the ban times listed in order of increasing severity. User’s accounts can be banned at any time for any of the previously mentioned lengths of times, depending on the severity of the offense and past moderation history. Users with a long list of moderation history are more likely to be banned for longer periods of time than users with no moderation history. Additionally, users with a long moderation history are more likely to be terminated for an offense that would receive a temporary ban if committed by another user. If a user feels that their ban was inaccurate, they may submit an appeal to with the subject heading: “BAN APPEAL | [BAN LENGTH] FOR ACCOUNT: [ACCOUNT NAME]”. Appealing a temporary ban does not guarantee that the ban will be lifted and removed from the account’s moderation history.

Appeals process:

  1. Appeals may only be made for the above moderations that acknowledge appeals.
  2. Appeals must have the proper header in order to be looked at in a timely manner. Appeals with improper subject headers may be ignored or will be added to the end of the queue.
  3. Users may NOT appeal the same offense more than once. Doing so may result in another moderation event.
  4. Appeals must be sent to within 1 month of the moderation event. This means that users have 30 days, from the time of login, to appeal their moderation. Appeals sent after 30 days will be ignored.
  5. Appealing a moderation event does not guarantee that the event will be removed from the user’s moderation history. Teverse reserves the right to deny any appeal. Users will be notified if an appeal is accepted or denied. If an appeal is denied, an explanation may be provided, but is not required.

9. Proprietary Rights in Service Content

        Proprietary Rights in Service Content is broken into 3 sections:

  1. All graphics uploaded to Teverse are the intellectual property of both Teverse and the creator of the property. Users of Teverse may not use the generated property of others without their approval. We are not liable for the content you upload! Teverse will punish anyone who infringes copyright or trademarks.

Use of generated property is defined as:

The creator of property is defined as:

Methods of approval may include:

Users may not download material from Teverse for commercial use without permission from Teverse. Those found guilty of doing so may be subject to persecution under United Kingdom copyright laws.

  1. All games built on the Teverse platform are the exclusive intellectual property of the creator. By uploading a game to Teverse, the creator still has all right to ownership of the game, but gives teverse an irrevocable licence to use their content.

  1. All content and assets uploaded to Teverse by Teverse employees is the exclusive intellectual property of Teverse. Commercial use, outside of Teverse, of any asset uploaded by Teverse employees is prohibited. Any party found guilty of doing so may be prosecuted under United Kingdom copyright laws.

10. Copyrights

        Teverse is protected under the copyright law of the United Kingdom. The use of the Teverse name, branding, and website is restricted to non-commercial use only.

11. Privacy -

In-Client Privacy Violations

Games using our client may ask for information we collect, has well has other information beyond that. As a user, you should never give out personal information to a in-game prompt such as password, age, email, name, location, or any other sensitive information. Teverse is not responsible for the improper usage of personal information that has been collected by such means. We will, however, take action against those who ask for such information. As a developer, you can not ask for personal information or passwords has this information heads off to a 3rd party website the user does not know of. Asking for this information may lead to a termination of your account. For more information about Terminations, see Section 8 (Termination).

12. Notice for Claims of Copyright Infringement

We respect the intellectual property rights of others and we ask you to do the same. If you are a copyright owner or an agent of a copyright owner and believe that any content on Teverse infringes upon your copyrights, you may contact us by email at with subject "COPYRIGHT".  

13. Virtual Currency

        Virtual Currency in Teverse has no real world value or exchange rate. Teverse reserves the right to grant, revoke and destroy the virtual currencies “Tevs” from any player at any time.


14. Fair Use

Teverse is all about promoting a positive environment for creating unique experiences. Although we understand cheating can not really be prevented on a client side application, please be considerate of other people's work and do not cheat within their tevapps.

When possible, Teverse will operate a low tolerance approach to cheating. We have four approaches to cheating:

  1. You are given a warning (+5%tv fine)
    • You infrequently cheat in a client-side environment without consent from Teverse and the tevapp developer
  2. Your account is banned from all Teverse apps for 3 days (+12%tv fine)
    • You excessively cheat in a client-side environment (you have many recent warnings)
    • OR you have somewhat affected other people's experience
  3. Your account is banned from all Teverse apps for 7 days (+40%tv fine)
    • You have significantly impacted other people's experience
    • OR you have altered a server's state without permission from the developer
    • OR you have exploited a vulnerability in a tevapp without consent from the developer
  4. Your account is banned from Teverse forever
    • You have multiple infractions as described above
    • OR you deface an app
    • OR Teverse determines you have breached the Computer Misuse Act of 1990 (or other applicable law); upon which a proper investigation would begin
Should your account have more than 2 warnings OR any ban relating to cheating, you will be blacklisted from the developer payout programme.