Cross-platform 3D Lua sandbox for
developing apps and games

We make developing multiplayer experiences a piece of cake,
and it's 100% free.

Teverse is available on the App Store Also available for Windows,
iOS* and Linux**

Develop TevApps for any platform

Teverse manages distribution of your TevApps across all of the many platforms that we support; and we're constantly working on supporting more devices. This means all you need to worry about is developing your app.

Scalable Multiplayer

We want to make games development as easy as possible, thats why Teverse's custom networking architecture is designed to scale with your games. The unique infrastructure deals with distribution of your tevapps for free amongst our global network of high performance game servers, meaning you are able to deliver low latency experiences to anybody***.

We manage performance and server updates behind the scenes, and we can silently roll out the latest security and software upgrades to all of your game servers with minimal impact to connected clients. This simplifies development of your tevapps as you no longer need to worry about the nitty gritty!

Apps powered by Lua

Building an app can be hard, but with Teverse anyone can develop an app leveraging our simple Lua API. Lua is a very powerful and simple scripting language that anyone can understand. No matter if you are new to development or if you're a pro, you'll be able to create great apps and games using our incredible Lua API. Teverse has a unique packaging system for "tevapps" distributed on our platform, these app packages can contain Lua files, imagery and even 3D models. Documentation for the tevapp format is available here, you can also check out some open-sourced examples at

The App Store, iOS, TestFlight, MacOS and the Apple Logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
*iOS is available on TestFlight, anyone request an invite once logged in with a verified email address
**Teverse for Linux is available very soon
***During beta, servers may be restricted to specific test regions