A new way to create cross-platform games
without the hassle.

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Game Distribution

We deploy your game to
the platforms you choose.

Games are instantly playable by anyone, on any platform and in any region.


With our custom engineered networking architecture, we make multiplayer simple. You don't need to touch any server configuration!

We monitor the performance of each game to achieve impressively low latencies, even with a large numbers of concurrent connections.

Advanced API

Our purpose-built game engine is embedded with LuaJIT, an incredibly easy to learn language, opening up a world of possibilities.

Cloud Powered

Save your game to the cloud and seamlessly switch between developing on multiple devices. Leverage the Teverse Cloud to remotely monitor your game from any device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where's the socials?
Where is the Documentation?
We are working on a brand new documentation site, but for now you can visit https://wiki.teverse.com for our old docs.
Can I see pictures of Teverse?
Our focus has been on developing a great API, you can take glimpses of our progress by joining our Discord or following our Twitter.
Why can't I register?
Registration for our site is closed until the conclusion of our beta, which consists of serveral waves.
We plan release into open beta sometime during 2019.